The Ocean has something to say

There is something strangely connective and emotionally electrifying even deliciously hurtful, about suffering together. We found ourselves stranded on a lifeboat battling against angry waves So we filled our heads with tales of glory and dreams of destiny; that we had a destination and a purpose to fuel our tired souls Sculpting heroes from our … Continue reading The Ocean has something to say



Ideas hurriedly scribbled on an obscure part at the back of my notebook and on scraps of paper lying forgotten among the depths of my desk email drafts gathering dust in my inbox unsent text messages hastily backspaced out of existence and words towering mountains, endless oceans, incredibly dense forests of words in my mind … Continue reading Words


As a kid, nothing compares to the feeling of having a helium balloon in your possession.  The wondrous exhilaration of having something not from this this world, something so peculiar that it always wants to go up, away from the groundedness of normal mundane things. The security and comfort of the balloon ribbon around your … Continue reading Balloon


A waterfall of light, fell gently flowing patiently, glowing radiantly through the glass and across the dark terrain Reality suspended in honey, nothing mundane Brilliantly tiny luminous fairies are the dwellers of this aether Floating, spiraling, twirling in leisure I offered my fingers to orchestrate their delicate ballet Creating eddies of dynamic space, enthralled by … Continue reading Float


Close your laptop, turn off your phone and run. Run, chasing all those lost dreams of your childhood. Retrieve your enthusiasm, your imagination, your lust for life. Run, and when you feel like you're going to collapse, run faster. Run, and just before your lungs fail and your legs give out, You'll look down and … Continue reading Run